A cloud phone directory with various functions including business card management
PA cloud

PA-cloud is a cloud-based phone book that can be accessed from any device. This product has features such as business chat and position information, and can manage business cards.

March 2015, Source MM Research in Japan.



  • You can be check the phone book at anytime.

    You can be check
    the phone book at anytime.

  • You can check customers' business cards.

    You can share customers’ business card information.

  • Support a variety phone outgoing method.

    Supports a variety
    of phone call methods.

  • Groupware Collaboration

    Groupware Collaboration

  • You can use communication tools.

    You can use
    communication tools.

PA cloud-based Web Phone Directory changes business communication.

  • Case1
    Phone book able to be viewed at anytime

    ■Current issue
    There are many contact lists in the office, which makes it difficult to find people I need to contact.

    Case1 ■Current issue
    This solution creates a common internal list, that you can view from a computer or smartphone.
    This troublesome situation is improved by centrally managing phone numbers located in different parts of the office. Employees can share and utilize customers’ contact information.
    Registering company and customer information, and viewing it using PCs and smartphones
    E-mail address registered in the software
    Business card
    Mobile phone number
    xls, csv files
  • Case2
    PA cloud with FMC

    ■Current issue
    Even though FMC devices are distributed to employees, the FMC numbers are not shared. Therefore, they use conventional 090 prefixes when making calls.

    Case2 ■Current issue
    You can centrally manage the FMC number in the enterprise. Share your customer contacts between employees.
    Employees have the most up-to-date FMC phone directories, which will demonstrate effectiveness of FMC.
    The FMC numbers of their colleagues can be easily located.
  • Case3
    PA cloud with business card

    ■Current issue
    At customer’s office, cannot call the customer because you do not know their department.

    Case3 ■Current issue
    Business card information is registered in the shared phone directory on the PA cloud. Employees can confirm the department the customer belongs to by accessing the PA cloud using their smartphones.
    There is no need for employees to carry customers’ business cards. You can check addresses and departments quickly.
    PA cloud with business card
  • Case4
    PA cloud with Groupware

    ■Current issue
    Employees cannot check e-mails when they are working away from the office. Contact information cannot be immediately located after receiving an e-mail. It is difficult to ensure security when checking e-mails while away from the office.

    Case4 ■Current issue
    Check e-mails using smartphones for business use by linking the PA cloud and Google Apps/Office 365.
    Employees can view e-mails from customers while they are away from the office thereby enabling them to respond to e-mails quickly. Information is not left on the device when communicating using a method other than e-mail, which prevents information leakage in the case the device is lost.
    PA cloud with Groupware

PA cloud has a range of features.

Office directory

Contact information of employees can be registered and viewed according to the department structure of your company.
The registered data can be viewed on the smartphone.

Shared directory

Registered contact information of customers can be shared either by all or a limited number of staff members.


Groups can be created that include internal and external members, and viewed.

Business card

By uploading customers’ business card information on the PA cloud, you can share the latest customer information and view it from your PC or smartphone securely.

PA cloud is to upload a business card data, you can share the data in-office.

We provide an application that can read business card information using a scanner or a smartphone camera, and securely upload it into the web phone directory. This supports centralization of phone directories that have been managed at various locations inside and outside your office.

Business chat

Business chat is available using a PC or smartphone. This becomes a convenient communication tool in situations where verbal communication is not possible. Chat logs can be output and used as an official chat record.

Position information

It is possible to send a location information request of the/your current location to an employee.
When employees receive requests, they can use the GPS function and send information about their current location from their smartphones.

Destination board

The PA cloud can send the attendance information or destination information to employees in the office.


PA cloud can output a variety of logs to a CSV file.
* This function can only be used by personnel who have administrator privileges.

PA cloud will be able to cooperation with PBX.

Support PBX

NEC Aspire UX
Cisco UCM
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Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.